Career and Beyond

Whether this is your student’s first internship or their third job post-college, how they network, communicate, and present themselves to prospective employers can make all the difference in getting the offer. Our job search strategies and coaching will give them the tools to stand out in the highly competitive job market.



  • Job search strategy development
  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Social profile creation
  • Network building
  • Communication coaching
  • Industry and company research
  • Interview prep


Career Transition

“Shari helped me create a fantastic resume as I transition from an entrepreneur to seeking a role in a corporate business environment.  She had wonderful insight on the best ways to highlight my accomplishments as a small business owner, always responded quickly with feedback and advice and was a pleasure to work with!"

— Rachel, Southington, CT

Interview Preparation

“When I was looking to transition my career into a new industry, Shari was immensely helpful in preparing me for a job interview.  She sent me a useful guide of common interview questions and tips and gave me a mock interview so that I could practice under realistic conditions.  After working with Shari, I felt much more prepared during my interview and was able to handle the more challenging questions that came my way."

— Samantha, New York, NY