Our partnership begins as early as middle school and continues throughout high school, college, and well into your child’s career.

In middle school, students will meet with one of our counselors to begin developing effective study habits and organizational skills which will position them for academic and life success. They will work with our counselors to find fulfilling extracurricular and community service activities that will cultivate their unique interests. If students are interested in private day or boarding school, our counselor will help them determine which schools would be a good fit and help craft the strongest possible application for secondary school admission.

We will guide your student through the competitive college process – from the application to the college interview. During and after college, our counselor will work with your student in communicating, marketing, and networking in order to maximize their chances of securing a top job in the competitive job market.

Our emphasis is always on transferring skills so that our students can more independently and effectively move forward with their academic and employment endeavors. Wherever your child is on the journey to independence, Success Prep Partners will provide the right direction and support to keep them on the path to success.