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The looming question parents wonder, after a significant financial investment is, “Will my child be gainfully employed post-graduation?”

Our students are equipped to excel academically and present a professional and polished image to employers for internships and full-time job opportunities, maximizing their chances of securing a great job!



Academic Success and Extracurricular Counseling

  • Organization & time management skills improvement
  • Work/study habits improvement
  • Navigating ways to get help in academic subjects

Writing Coaching

  • Writing instruction including brainstorming, prewriting, editing and writing narrative and expository pieces
  • Essay brainstorming and editing for grad school applications

Career Counseling

  • Identifying summer employment opportunities
  • Job search strategy development
  • Resume, cover letter and social profile creation
  • Communication coaching including email correspondance
  • Industry and company research
  • Interview prep


Essay Preparation and Editing

“When my son was preparing his application to the business program at his current university, Shari worked with him to make his essays really stand out. She helped him fine tune his ideas and articulate them clearly to really highlight his accomplishments and allow his personality to shine through.  My son had a very short time-frame in which to submit his application and Shari’s turnaround time was incredibly fast – allowing for multiple iterations of the essay until it was just right.  She did all the work by phone and on google docs which made it so easy for my son to see her editing and comments in real-time and respond quickly. Shari was friendly, flexible and had a great can-do attitude. My son was accepted into the business program and we are so thankful for her help. I would not hesitate to recommend Shari and Success Prep Partners!”

— Andrea, Park Ridge, NJ

Job Search Strategies and Interview Preparation

“Shari was an exceptional resource in my job hunt and application process in two important ways: 1) She helped me identify what kind of job I actually wanted. I had a lackadaisical job hunt strategy that became more intentional (toward technology sales) after a chat with her; and 2) She was expert at helping me execute well on interviews and deliverables for my job applications. With clear insight into the mind of hiring managers, she parsed through my wonky resume to find the compelling story, polished my responses to likely interview questions, and proofread deliverables as part of my interview process. Due largely to her help, I landed a dream job in San Francisco at the end of October in my fall semester of senior year. Without her I would have been fruitlessly scurrying for jobs through graduation and beyond. Thank you Shari!"

— Zachary, San Francisco, CA