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Farmington Valley Press, March 2018

Ellen Hoffman, Cynthia Whipple, and Shari Steele describe their motivation for starting Success Prep Partners, and discuss approaches to helping middle school through college students enhance their effectiveness and reduce stress. Starting early to build organization, writing and test prep skills, develop focused community service activities and extracurriculars, and create job search strategies that set you apart, are all part of the equation.

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Neighborhood Living - Devonwood Magazine, Feb 2018

Ellen Hoffman of Success Prep Partners volunteers to help Capital Squash program participants shine in their private secondary school admissions interviews.

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Neighborhood Living - Devonwood Magazine, January 2018

Success Prep Partners Shari Steele, Ellen Hoffman, and Cynthia Whipple, discuss their work helping children and adults succeed on their educational and career journeys.