Shari Steele

Shari Steele works with college students and college graduates to help them implement successful job search strategies to secure internships and full-time employment. Her services include helping clients develop targeted job search plans, create compelling resumes and social profiles, write clear and effective emails to potential employers, build a network of useful contacts, conduct industry and company research, and prepare for interviews. Shari also applies her writing expertise to assist prospective college students with college essay preparation.

Ellen Hoffman

Ellen Hoffman has a passion for helping students reach their highest potential in middle school and high school. Through this support, Ellen can put students on a path to becoming better learners, more involved members of the community, and ultimately, stronger candidates for
college admissions. Ellen’s passion began while working with her own two children, both of whom gained admission into the country’s top universities. Today she works with students on improving organization and time management skills as well as work/study habits, determining
and implementing meaningful community service projects, expanding vocabulary, and identifying contest, scholarship, extracurricular, employment, and summer opportunities. Ellen
also assists students with high school and college applications, planning optimal standardized
testing, and interview preparation.

Cynthia Whipple

Cynthia Whipple is a secondary school and college consultant. She is currently the Director of Admissions and Secondary School Placement for a private middle school in Hartford,
Connecticut. She assists students in the secondary school process maximizing their chances of being accepted to their top choice schools. Cynthia has spent the past 15 years as a private college consultant guiding students in every aspect of college planning up to and through the application and essay preparation. In her leisure time, she hones her creative side by being a
children’s author and playwright.